KH Disposable Lids

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KH Disposable Lids

Commercial grade KH Disposable Lids designed for healthcare environments.

Firstly, the KH Disposable Lid range is commercial grade, ideal for use in the Australian healthcare industry.

Each of the Disposable Lid have an ID number on item for quick identification making re-ordering easy.

Secondly, the KH Disposable range proudly manufactured by Ken Hands. A trusted supplier to the Australian Healthcare & Aged Care industry since 1980.

Reduce drink spills at your hospital, retirement community, or healthcare facility with the KH translucent disposable lids.

The sturdy, high density PP plastic lids and PET plastic lids features a tightly-fitting, leak-resistant seal to prevent messes and spills throughout transport or meal delivery services.

Each single-use lid not only prevents spills, but protects your offerings from dirt, germs, and other airborne contaminants until the food is ready to be enjoyed. This lid is also stackable to allow for efficient, space-saving storage, so you can keep a stack in your kitchen or dining area for quick access.

Great for covering juice, soda, water, and food designed to fit a variety of KH Healthcare items. Refer to each product page for specific details.

Above all, the KH range ensure an easier and efficient meal delivery service.

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