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KH Fibreglass Tray

Commercial grade KH Fibreglass Tray designed for healthcare environments.

Each of the healthcare trays features being stackable, smooth surface, durable and rounded edge.

Refer to each product page for specific details.

Firstly, the KH Fibreglass Meal Tray is commercial grade, ideal for use in the Australian healthcare industry.

Healthcare trays are essential in a variety of food service applications, including cafeterias, buffets, fast food businesses, and healthcare facilities.

Our food service trays allow guests to hold many items at once in designated places, while our cafeteria trays, restaurant trays, dietary trays, and non-skid trays feature one large surface.

These serving platters are great for businesses with foods of varying sizes.

Secondly, the KH trays proudly manufactured by Ken Hands.

The tray is also stain and odor resistant so you can maintain its condition and continue using it for longer in your establishment. Plus, it can be stacked with other dietary trays for quick and simple storage. Offer an efficient and sanitary food service program for your patients with this tray!

It features reinforced edges for added durability during handling. Its edges are also low and sloped, providing easy access to patients dining from a hospital bed.

Above all, the KH trays are compatible with the KH Meal Delivery Trolley. Use together for an easier and efficient meal delivery service.

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