Nadir Manhattan

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Nadir Manhattan®

Nadir Manhattan® represents the perfect blend of form and function. Allowing you to outfit your establishment with affordable glassware, that looks elegant but designed for rigorous, everyday use.

An excellent choice for all types of eateries from casual to upscale, Nadir Manhattan products are durable and made of high-quality materials. Nadir’s classic designs complement a wide variety of decor and blend easily to create contemporary table settings.

Nadir Manhattan glassware offers complete lines of affordable glassware and stemware that simplify the art of creating an attractive table setting.

Nadir has become synonymous with quality glassware and tabletop supplies throughout the world. The strong glassware is resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock. When glass does break, it ensures it is in large chunks instead of exploding in small pieces. Protecting your customers and saving valuable time cleaning up.

Boasting hundreds of products with countless applications, Nadir glass comes in many varieties, so you can find an option for any occasion. From all purpose wine glasses to whiskey glasses. Nadir’s extensive catalog of fashionable glasses is guaranteed to complement and accent restaurants, bar, club, buffets, and more.

Made with thick construction that is easy to clean, stack, or store. Nadir Glassware includes wine, beer, whiskey and drinking glasses.

Add the finishing touch, look to Nadir for classic, long lasting glass drinkware that will fit seamlessly with the rest of your tableware.