Insulated Plate Cover and Base

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Insulated Plate Cover and Base

Commercial grade Insulated Plate Cover and Base designed for healthcare environments.

Each of the KH Insulated range have great features. Such as being stackable, full insulation and compatible covers.

Refer to each product page for specific details.

Firstly, the KH Insulated range is commercial grade, ideal for use in the Australian healthcare industry.

KH Healthcare meal delivery systems streamline your serving process, so you can accommodate and serve many patients and residents in your hospital, assisted living center, or nursing home.

We offer complete food serving system that keep serving underliners at holding temperature. For room service, use a meal delivery system that features an insulated base and cover to keep meals at holding temperature inside.

Secondly, the KH Healthcare range proudly manufactured by Ken Hands.

They’re made of durable plastics that eliminate the potential for dangerous broken glass shards, and they’re easy to clean. These dinnerware options also come with covers if spillage is a concern.

Above all, the Insulated healthcare range ensure an easier meal delivery service.

Clean up is easy for your staff after service, our storage and dishwashing racks will help wash and dry large, cumbersome trays and delivery containers.

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