Insulated Drinkware

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Insulated Drinkware

Commercial grade KH Insulated Drinkware designed for healthcare environments.

Serve your beverages in styles with our range of KH Insulated Drinkware.

Each of the Healthcare Drinkware have great features. Such as accurate pouring spouts, graduated measurements and insulation.

Refer to each product page for specific details.

Firstly, the KH Drinkware is commercial grade, ideal for use in the Australian healthcare industry.

Our aged care drinkware features either a classic or elegant design. Both have high-quality polyurethane insulation, this server offers the very best in style and performance!

A foam-insulated interior ensures the liquid inside the server remains hot or cold at holding temperature for longer. For longevity, features a high impact plastic construction that’s designed to withstand everyday use.

Secondly, the KH Insulated Drinkware range are proudly manufactured by Ken Hands.

Various colour option offers a professional presentation that’s both modern and timeless. It’s great for virtually any healthcare, hospital, catering or dining setting thanks to its versatile appearance.

Various features including tilt & pour system that allows you to easily pour without pressing any buttons! There’s no need to remove the cap to pour! Additionally, the KH is a easy, quick, convenient cleaning.

Above all, the KH insulated drink ware range ensure an easier meal delivery service.

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