Plastic Drinkware & Stemware

The Plastic Drinkware And Stemware range by Plastic Glasses Company (P.G.C) was established in 1985 with a mission in mind. To provide Australia’s hospitality industry with virtually unbreakable plastic glasses, made entirely in Australia from the best food-safe materials.

Specially designed by industry insiders, their extensive range of products offer the same satisfying experience to traditional glasses. Above all, benefits include safety for your patrons and affordability factors.

Therefore the P.G.C Plastic Drinkware & Stemware range are less likely to chip or crack makes them perfect for high traffic and risk areas. Including pools, nightclubs, schools, receptions and outdoor venues.

Firstly, our range of plastic beer and spirit drink-ware include: conical pot, conical pint, washington beer glass perfect for beer and cider.

Serving spirits or cocktails? Try our martini, margarita, shot glasses, whiskey thin base and whiskey thick base plastic drinkware.

Soda, punch, juice, water and whiskey work perfectly with the Titan Range. Which includes Titan Whiskey, Titan Highball, Titan Schmidi and Titan Tall Boy.

Secondly, are you looking for plastic beer jugs? We stock a range including classic beer jug, euro jug and jug-o-naught.

Thirdly, our range of plastic stemware include resort wine flute, red wine glass, white wine glass and champagne flute.