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Sheffield ®

Sheffield ® is a well-known manufacturer of beer glassware for the Australian commercial food service industry. They design innovative products that meet the needs and expectations of restaurant professionals.

Firstly the range of beer glassware seen in the Australian hospitality industry. Found in places such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, receptions, festivals and more!

The brand has an attractive beverage ware that includes products designed to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The extensive range includes various beer glass types including conical pot, beer glass pint, keller beer glass. As well as nonic beer glass, glass beer mug (dimple mug) and beer glass pilsner. Various beer glass sizes and their range also includes durable reusable shot glasses such as classic shot glass and malibu shot glass.

Whether you run a pub, club, restaurant, buffet, fast casual restaurant, or catering company. Sheffield has the products you need.

The range is weight and measured, tested and approved to meet the Australian alcohol serving regulations.

Boasting many products with countless applications, the beer glasses comes in many varieties. So you can find an option for any occasion. From all purpose conical pot beer glasses to shot glasses. The extensive catalog of fashionable beverage glasses guaranteed to complement.

Clean the beer glassware easily, simply place in a dishwasher under normal conditions.