Non-Insulated Bowls And Plates

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Non Insulated Bowls And Plates

Commercial grade KH Non-insulated Bowls And Plates designed for healthcare environments.

Serve your food safely with our range of KH Healthcare meal delivery range.

Each of the Healthcare bowls and plates have great features. Such as stackable, smooth surface, rounded edges and more. Refer to each product page for specific details.

Firstly, the KH Non-Insulated bowls and plates commercial grade, ideal for use in the Australian healthcare industry. Ensure correct care for your customers and patients within your facility.

Above all, our aged care plastic bowls and plastic plates features high-quality polypropelene construction. It ensures numerous uses and durability.

Each item has polypropelene lids to suit that ensures the food contents inside can be seen for quick identification. For longevity, features a high impact plastic construction designed to withstand everyday use.

Secondly, the Healthcare range we stock proudly manufactured by Ken Hands. KH (Ken Hands) is a trusted manufacturer of healthcare insulated and non insulated meal delivery supplies for the Australian healthcare industry since 1980.

Various colour option offers a professional presentation that’s both modern and timeless. Great for virtually any healthcare, hospital, catering or dining setting thanks to its versatile appearance.

Above all, the range ensure an easier meal delivery service. Cleaning is easy, simply place in a dishwasher under normal conditions.

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