KH Healthcare

KH Healthcare

Used in Australian Healthcare industry at hospitals, aged care facilities, assisted care facilities and the like.

Look no further than our quality KH Healthcare! Try our KH Traditional or KH Moderne range.

The commercial grade Healthcare offers a complete meal delivery solution.

Our insulated healthcare products include insulated plates, insulated lids, insulated bowls, insulated single handle mugs, insulated double handle mugs, insulated jugs.

Our non-insulated healthcare products include tumbler, mugs, graduated jugs, bread and butter plates, sweet bowls, rectangular trays, square bowls and menu clips.

Most of our items come with compatible lids, in re-usable or disposable options. Refer to each item for more information.

Firstly, the Ken Hands Healthcare range use in the Australian healthcare industry.

Secondly, Ken Hands Healthcare proudly manufactured in Thailand.

Each products sold in various carton quantities.

Refer to product page for further information on carton quantity.

Above all, the quality Healthcare range will not let you down!

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