Butchers Hooks

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Butchers Hooks

Look no further than our quality Butchers Hooks.

Designed for commercial hospitality environments and ideal for use in restaurants, butchers and any food preparing area.

The commercial grade Butchers Hook has many unique features. Please refer to product page for specific information.

Firstly, all of our Hooks meet Australian food safety regulations.

Hang a variety of meats in your deli, smokehouse or at home with th KH stainless steel S hook! This S hook is made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability. A variety of sizes means it can securely hold chickens and other popular foods without tearing the meat.

Secondly, our quality Butchers Hook is proudly manufactured by KH (Ken Hands). Thanks to its stainless steel construction, you can be sure this hook is designed to last.

Making it free from rust which is easy for you to clean and hygienic to help prevent contamination of foods, it is a must for any food service area that needs to maintain a professional image and keep up strict hygiene standards.

Refer to product page for further information on carton quantity.

Above all, the quality Butcher Hooks for Kitchen will not let you down!

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