Stainless Steel Scourers

Stainless Steel Scourers

Look no further than our quality KH Stainless Steel Scourers.

Designed for commercial hospitality environments. Ideal for use in restaurants and similar food preparing areas.

The commercial grade KH Stainless Steel Scourers well weighted. Please refer to product page for specific information.

Firstly, all of our metal kitchen scrubber for dishes help to meet Australian food safety regulations.

Stock your kitchen’s cleaning supply with these 100 gram, heavy weight scouring pads!

Made of coiled stainless steel, these reusable scourer pads are rust- and corrosion-resistant, lasting you through multiple heavy duty cleanings.

Each metal scourer pad rough surface makes it perfect for removing even the toughest, baked-on food and grease stains from your pots and pans.

From caked-on to other burnt-on food particles, grease and residue, these scouring pads will cut down your staff’s cleaning time and effort.

They can also be used on other various surfaces. From cook tops to grills, these pads are versatile cleaning agents!

Their heavy weight also makes them ideal for heavier, tougher uses.

Secondly, our quality kitchenware proudly manufactured by KH. A trusted manufacturer to the Australian hospitality industry since 1980.

Refer to product page for further information including specifics, material, dimensions, capacity and carton quantity.

Above all, the quality restaurant kitchen items will not let you down!

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