Stainless Steel Ladles

KH Stainless Steel Ladles

Look no further than our quality Stainless Steel Ladles.

Designed for commercial hospitality environments and ideal for use in restaurants and similar food preparing area.

The commercial grade item has many unique features. Please refer to product page for specific information.

Firstly, all of our restaurant soup Ladles spoons help meet Australian food safety regulations.

Whether you’re measuring, portioning, or simply scooping, the KH gravy ladle a perfect utensil for the job!

Not only is it made of stainless steel, but it’s fashioned out of a single piece, so cleaning is easier than ever. And with a built-in hook at the end of the handle, designed to hang on the side of a pot or on a rack for simple storage.

It’s truly the ideal complement to any chef’s traditional set of utensils.

Secondly, our quality kitchenware proudly manufactured by KH. A trusted manufacturer to the Australian hospitality industry since 1980.

In addition, with a sleek, one-piece design, it’s a strong long-lasting utensil. Plus, food particles won’t get stuck in tiny crevices between welded pieces, making it incredibly easy to clean.

Refer to product page for further information on carton quantity.

Above all, the quality items will not let you down!

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