Ingredient Bins

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Ingredient Bins & Tote Boxes

We stock a quality range of Ingredient Bins and Food Grade Tote Boxes.

This bins perfect for storing large quantities of dry ingredients under counters or in storage areas. A durable lid is designed to lock in freshness while keeping contaminants out.

With an included scoop to help dispense your products, this food storage bins perfect for bulk storage solution your kitchen needs. Plus, by designating the scoop to one bin, you can help to avoid any cross contamination that may occur when using the same scoop for multiple ingredients. The food ingredient bin even includes a scoop holder so you can always have the appropriate scoop on hand.

Firstly, our food storage mobile bin, shelf bin and tote boxes are FOOD GRADE. They meet Australian food safety standards.

The commercial grade items used in the Australian hospitality industry. In places such as aged care homes, hospitals, bakeries, restaurants, hotels and aged care facilities.

Depending upon your kitchen layout, the bins can be placed on a countertop, under a prep table, or positioned on a shelf for quick retrieval of flour, baking powder, sugar, rice, pasta, oats, or nuts.

Keep ingredients close at hand with KH and TRUST food storage bins.

Cleaning the food storage bins and tote boxes are super simple. Simply hand wash recommended.

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