Dishwashing Racks & Accessories

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KH Dishwashing Racks & Accessories

We stock a quality range of KH Commercial Dishwashing Racks & Accessories. Including our Mocca Dishwashing Rack for Flatware, Open Rack And 64 Peg.

Firstly, our Dishwashing Racks feature faster drying times, rounded corners and moulded pegs. A crucial item to have for busy every cleaning service needs.

This convenient KH full-size flatware rack with closed sides will make your warewashing easier and more efficient than ever before. Made of polypropylene, its sturdy and durable construction is perfect for years of heavy use.

While many things need to be frequently replaced in a commercial kitchen, this is one item you won’t have to worry about! Thanks to its strong polypropylene construction, this rack will withstand heavy, repetitive use and maintain its supportive shape over time.

Plus, the smart design allows you to easily stack and store it with other similar racks!

The closed sides help keep flatware cleaner while it’s waiting to be polished! With this added protection, your flatware will stay clean long after it’s already gone through the dish cycle. Plus, the small holes in the base keep the flatware from falling out during transport!

The commercial grade dish washer racks used in the Australian hospitality industry. In places such as aged care homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and aged care facilities.

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