Salad Spinner

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We stock a quality range of Commercial Salad Spinner large to assist with the washing and drying of food such as vegetables and fruit.

Firstly, our Spinners are durable and hold a capacity of 20lt. They meet Australian food safety standards.

Spin and dry salad in this 20LT KH vegetable spinner commercial to enhance the quality and presentation of your delicious salads.

Wet, soggy salad is not only unappealing, but it causes salad dressings to run off of leaves. This may frustrate customers and make them use more dressing to enjoy the flavor, costing your business more money.

This 20LT commercial salad spinner / dryer quickly removes excess water with each spin of the handle. Ensuring that your salads greens are dry while providing a surface for salad dressing to cling.

Simply load the chopped greens into the interior basket, place the lid on the body, and give the easy-to-grip, ribbed handle a whirl! In no time at all your wet lettuce will dry off to make the perfect base for any salad.

The spinner’s bottom features an attached hose, which drains away water, preventing build-up and re-soaking of your vegetables.

The commercial grade items used in the Australian hospitality industry. In places such as aged care homes, hospitals, bakeries, restaurants, hotels and aged care facilities.

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