KH Serving Spoon Slotted Stainless Steel

  • Slotted Serving Head
  • One Piece Stainless Steel
  • Hang hole on the handle makes for easy, out-of-the-way storage
  • Perfect for basting, stirring, and serving


Code Name Price Unit Qty
SP29SL Serving Spoon 29cm Slotted $2.20 Ea
SP34SL Serving Spoon 34cm Slotted $2.31 Ea
SP39SL Serving Spoon 39cm Slotted $2.53 Ea
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The KH Serving Spoon Slotted Stainless Steel is a quality spoon and a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Serving Spoon Slotted Stainless Steel used in the Australian hospitality industry. In places like restaurants, kitchens, outdoor events and similar locations.

The commercial grade basting spoon features a solid head and complete with solid stainless steel handle.

Suitable for use with cookware including steam pans, pots, saucepans, saucepots and boilers.

This standard-duty solid stainless steel basting spoon is perfect for basting tender chicken and succulent roasts, for stirring creamy mashed potatoes and savory soups, and for serving flavorful deli salads and sides.

This food safe Basting Spoon Stainless Steel meets Australian food safety regulations.

The strong stainless steel handle designed keeping employee safety in mind allowing the user to perform a range of tasks while remaining out of harm’s way.

When not in use store the basting spoon with hand hook or place easily in a drawer.

The KH Serving Spoon Stainless Steel makes the perfect kitchen accessory for any commercial kitchen or even at home.

Ideal for applications ranging from back-of-the-house serving, preparation or self-serve buffet stations, and even for table service!

Perfect for straining contents from steam pans, tossing vegetables or fruits or mixing stir-fries!

Choose from our three available sizes 290mm, 340mm or 390mm.

Cleaning the KH Serving Spoon Stainless Steel is a breeze, either hand wash or simply place it any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions.


Stainless Steel


SP29SL: 290mm
SP34SL: 340mm
SP39SL: 390mm

  • Slotted Serving Head
  • One Piece Stainless Steel
  • Hole For Hanging / Easy Storage
  • Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions


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