KH Amore® Pizza Rack Stand

  • Perfect For Holding Pizza Crust Before Baking
  • Freestanding Unit
  • 50mm spacing between rungs
  • No assembly required


Code Name Price Unit Qty
37009 KH Pizza Rack Stand 9 Slot $54.34 Ea
37003 KH Pizza Rack Stand 11 Slot $46.31 Ea
37005 KH Pizza Rack Stand 15 Slot $50.71 Ea
37018 KH Pizza Rack Stand 18 Slot $82.17 Ea
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KH Amore® Pizza Rack Stand is the perfect way to store pizzas and save space in your commercial kitchen!

In a restaurant or food shop where pizzas are a hot commodity, it is very important to make sure that those pizzas are kept in a safe and hygienic place so that the customers who demand pizzas will be satisfied once it reaches them.

Ample spacing between rungs

This pizza pan rack has 50mm spacing between each shelf which provides ample space between the pizzas for air circulation to avoid excess moisture build-up!

For pans and trays 10″ to 17″ in diameter

Ideal for pizzas ranging from 10″ – 17″ in diameter, you’re able to store pre-cooked pizzas to serve pizza-by-the-slice style, or you can pre-make pizzas ahead of peak hours to have them ready to toss in the oven!

Prepare Ahead Of Time

Prepare your pizza dough ahead of time and easily store it with this KH slot pizza racks!

This tall, vertical rack has a square/triangular base and adequate space in between each shelf.

Easy clean up

Cleaning up is a snap with this pizza pan rack. Constructed of heavy-duty metal rods, this open shelving structure allows debris to fall through to the counter-top. At the end of the night simply wipe down the rack, easily move it aside, and clean the counter-top below it.

No Assembly Required

Thirdly, the rack is freestanding. You’re busy running the kitchen and keeping customers happy. That’s why we sell and ship this pizza pan rack fully assembled. Once your delivery arrives, you are ready to use your new rack!


KH Amore®


Chromed Wire


37003: 640mm H

37005: 640mm H

37009: 530mm H

37018: 970mm H

Pizza Slot Capacity

37009: 9 Slot

37003: 11 Slot

37005: 15 Slot

37018: 18 Slot

Space Between Slots

37009: 50mm

37003: 80mm

37005: 50mm

37018: 50mm

Dishwasher Safe




  • Perfect For Holding Pizza Crust Before Baking
  • Freestanding Unit
  • 50mm spacing between rungs
  • No assembly required


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