KH Amore® Dough Docker

  • Triple rivets ensure a strong connection between handle and blade
  • Stainless Steel blade holds up under prolonged use and does not need to be seasoned
  • Easy to clean blade; won’t absorb unwanted odors and food particles
  • Pizza slides off easily
  • Handle length keeps hands away from hot ovens


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37445 KH Amore® Dough Docker $50.82 Ea
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For a truly perfect pizza each time, use KH Amore® Dough Docker

KH Amore produces top of the line professional and high-performance pizzaware. Durable, stable, and beautiful solutions to keep pizza chefs cooking!

Stainless Steel Pins & Axle

Designed for enduring heavy-duty use in pizzerias, bakeries, and commercial operations, this dough docker boasts a robust stainless steel axle and a plastic core embedded with stainless steel pins.

Conditions pizza and flatbread dough

Achieving the perfect rise for your pizza or flatbread dough is crucial, and this efficient docker ensures effortless conditioning for exceptional results every time you bake.

Roller docker style

Effortlessly roll this docker across your dough to create pinches that prevent the formation of air bubbles and ensure a perfect rise.

Brand KH Amore
Material Stainless Steel
Docker Head Width 130mm
Diameter 45mm
Handle Length 125mm
Pin Length 1cm
  • Effectively conditions pizza and flatbread dough while preserving its shape and thickness
  • Streamlined roller docker design enables effortless and efficient movement across the dough
  • Consistent pinching is ensured by the durable stainless steel pins
  • The stainless steel axle enhances the docker’s longevity and durability
  • Perfectly suited for use in pizzerias, bakeries, and sandwich shops


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