Aluminium Pizza Trays

  • Made In Australia
  • Rolled Edge
  • Can Be Used In A Wood Oven
  • Dishwasher Safe But May Cause Discolouration, Handwash Recommended


Code Name Price Unit Qty
PIZ015 Pizza Tray Aluminium 15cm (6") $5.61 Ea
PIZ020 Pizza Tray Aluminium 20cm (8") $6.16 Ea
PIZ023 Pizza Tray Aluminium 23cm (9") $7.15 Ea
PIZ025 Pizza Tray Aluminium 25cm (10") $8.03 Ea
PIZ028 Pizza Tray Aluminium 28cm (11") $9.02 Ea
PIZ030 Pizza Tray Aluminium 30cm (12") $10.67 Ea
PIZ032 Pizza Tray Aluminium 32cm (13") $11.33 Ea
PIZ035 Pizza Tray Aluminium 35cm (14") $12.21 Ea
PIZ038 Pizza Tray Aluminium 38cm (15") $15.62 Ea
PIZ040 Pizza Tray Aluminium 40cm (16") $18.04 Ea
PIZ045 Pizza Tray Aluminium 45cm (18") $22.55 Ea
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We stock Australian Made Aluminium Pizza Trays that are commercial grade and a hospitality industry favourite.

Aluminium Pizza Trays used in the Australian hospitality industry.

This easy-to-carry pizza tray is ideal for pizza parlors, restaurants, and buffets looking for a versatile tray at a great value.

Providing you with exceptional durability, this tray is sure to withstand frequent use in your commercial kitchen.

Whether it’s baking or reheating your signature pizza, use this tray for all of your pizza needs!

Baking and serving pizzas in the same pan cuts down the number of steps and saves you valuable time.

It also reduces the number of dishes you need to wash. This pan allows you to produce pizzas faster so you can serve your patrons deliciously fresh pizza quickly and efficiently.

This tray’s rolled edges also eliminates any hard-to-clean openings, cutting down your cleanup time and optimizing the overall sanitation of your venue’s servingware.

Made of sturdy gauge aluminum, this durable pizza pan stands up to frequent.

Hard use in your commercial setting, while its aluminum composition offers superior heat distribution to ensure a soft, doughy crust.

Firstly the Australian Made rolled edge pizza trays can be used in wood and gas ovens.

Secondly, the pizza trays meet Australian food safety regulations.

Above all the strong aluminium pizza pans are designed for multiple uses.

This pan can also be used for baking and serving a number of different items, such as a cookie cake for the entire table to share!

You can even use it to bake strombolis, garlic knots, garlic bread or breadsticks.

Many sizes available: 150mm / 6″, 200mm / 8″,  230mm / 9″,  250mm / 10″,  280mm / 11″ , 300mm / 12″, 320mm / 13″, 350mm / 14″, 380mm / 15″, 400mm / 16″ and 450mm / 18″.

Cleaning the Pizza Trays is easy, simply handwash recommended.









PIZ015 – 150mm / 6″
PIZ020 – 200mm / 8″
PIZ023 – 230mm / 9″
PIZ025 – 250mm / 10″
PIZ028 – 280mm / 11″
PIZ030 – 300mm / 12″
PIZ032 – 320mm / 13″
PIZ035 – 350mm / 14″
PIZ038 – 380mm / 15″
PIZ040 – 400mm / 16″
PIZ045 – 450mm / 18″

  • Made In Australia
  • Rolled Edge
  • Can Be Used In A Wood Oven
  • Dishwasher Safe But May Cause Discolouration, Handwash Recommended

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