KH Wood Handle Turners

  • Perfect For Scraping Or Lifting
  • Tapered Edge
  • Heavy Duty
  • Secure Rivets In Handle


Code Name Price Unit Qty
TURNGI Turner Giant 155mm X 102mm Wood Handle $8.58 Ea
TURNFL Turner Flexible 20cm X 7.5cm Wood Handle $8.14 Ea
TURFL-P Turner Flexible Perforated 20cm X 7.5cm Wood Handle $6.49 Ea
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The KH Wood Handle Turners is a quality spoon and a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Wood Handle Turners used in the Australian hospitality industr.

In places like restaurants, kitchens, outdoor events and similar locations.

The commercial grade pancake turner features a strong stainless steel turner head and complete durable wood handle.

Quickly and easily flip meats, poultry, and vegetables on your flat top griddle with this solid turner with straight blade and wood handle!

Featuring a straight blade for cutting through product, this turner is perfect for chopping steak, chicken, and vegetables during the cooking process.

Rivets in handle to increase strength.

Suitable for use on cookware hot plates or bbqs.

This metal turner with food safe wood handle meets Australian food safety regulations.

The strong turner spatula is designed keeping employee safety in mind allowing the user to perform a range of tasks while remaining out of harm’s way.

When not in use store the turner easily in a drawer.

The KH wooden handle turner makes the perfect kitchen accessory for any commercial kitchen or even at home.

Ideal for flipping pancakes, flipping burgers, scraping cook tops and more.

Cleaning the KH turner is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions.


Handle: Wood
Blade: Stainless Steel

Overall Dimensions

TURNGI: 155 x 102mm
TURNFL-P: 200 x 75mm
TURNFL: 200 x 75mm

Width Of Head

  • Perfect For Scraping Or Lifting
  • Tapered Edge
  • Heavy Duty
  • Secure Rivets In Handle
  • Eyelet For Hanging (SCGRCR ONLY)


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