KH Scraper Dough Stainless Steel Wood Handle

  • Easily Turn, Pick Up And Portion Dough
  • Durable wood handle with 2 secure rivets
  • Straight stainless steel blade
  • Great for cutting pastries, dough, pasta, and more


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SCRDOU15 KH Scraper Dough Stainless Steel Wood Handle $5.72 Ea
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The KH Dough Scraper is a quality scraper and a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Dough Scraper Stainless Steel Wood Handle used in the Australian hospitality industry in places like restaurants, pizza shops, bakeries kitchens and similar locations.

The commercial stainless steel dough scraper features a strong stainless steel blade head and riveted wood handle. Rivets in handle to increase strength.

If you’re looking for a way to handle dough without it sticking to your hands, this helpful tool is perfect for your kitchen.

Whether you own a bakery, pizza shop, or coffee shop, it’s a must-have!

It’s great for scooping flour back into dough, flipping your mixture upside down, pressing wet and dry ingredients together, slicing pasta, or cutting and portioning out dough.

Suitable for use on benchtops and also scraping paint, chewing gum and more.

This cutter has a straight stainless steel blade that performs well when cutting.

Plus it’s easy to wash and maintain. The blade is attached to a stylish long wood handle with brass rivets, so the cutter is easier to grip and use for extended periods of time.

The dough scraper is food safe and meets the Australian food safety regulations.

The strong scraper designed keeping employee safety in mind allowing the user to perform a range of tasks while remaining out of harm’s way. When not in use store the scraper easily in a drawer.

The KH dough scraper makes the perfect kitchen accessory for any commercial kitchen or even at home. Ideal for cleaning grills, bbqs or sheet pans.

Cleaning the KH dough scraper is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions.


Handle: Wood
Blade: Stainless Steel

Overall Dimension

150 x 75mm

Blade Dimension

  • Easily Turn, Pick Up And Portion Dough
  • 2 Secure Rivets In Handle
  • Handwash Under Normal Conditions

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