Stainless Steel Cookware

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Stainless Steel Cookware

Look no further than our quality Stainless Steel Cookware. Designed for commercial hospitality environments and ideal for use in restaurants, kitchens, receptions and events.

The commercial grade cookware suitable for with gas, oven, electric and induction cooking. Please refer to each product for specific information.

Firstly, all of our cookware meet Australian food safety regulations.

This ss cookware designed to cook various foods from batches of pasta, sauces and vegetables.

A perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, cook a variety of foods such as clams, shrimp, fish, or even broiled lobster.

Firstly, the commercial grade professional quality heavy gauge stainless steel.

Measuring 5mm thick base, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance through washing, storage, and constant heating.

Secondly, our cookware are proudly manufactured by KH.

In addition, made with commercial grade stainless steel, the cookware offers superior thermal conductivity.

Convenient handles adorn the side and aid in easy transportation throughout your cooking space.

Our range includes stainless steel boiler, stainless steel stockpots, stainless steel frypans, stainless steel saucepans and more.

Above all, the quality cookware will not let you down! The strong cookware designed for multiple continuous use.

Lastly, to preserve quality, hand-washed and sanitized.

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