Round Base Wok Wood Handle

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Round Base Wok Wood Handle

Look no further than our quality Round Base Wok Wood. Designed for commercial hospitality environments and ideal for use in restaurants, kitchens, receptions and takeaway.

The commercial grade Round Base Wok is suitable for with gas and open fire cooking. Please refer to product page for specific information.

Firstly, all of our wok products meet Australian food safety regulations. Woks aren’t just for Asian cuisine anymore; the design of the wok pan is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes.

Unlike a traditional skillet, which cooks from the bottom of the pan only, the wok features high steep sides that cook foods from all sides. As food is tossed around the pan, it is cooked extremely quickly and thoroughly due to the even heat distribution.

There is no substitute for a good wok when you need to saute and serve in large quantities, and this carbon steel mandarin wok is the perfect solution.

Secondly, our Round Base wok proudly manufactured by KH

Our commercial grade wok include strong riveted handle and round base.

Above all, the quality durable wok will not let you down!

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