Sunnex Black Iron Frypan 25cm

  • Carbon steel conducts heat quickly and evenly
  • Welded handle allows for a perfectly smooth interior
  • Wide, flat bottom for a large cooking surface
  • Hanging hole for easy storage
  • Can be used in the oven


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BLKFRY25 Sunnex Black Iron Frypan 25cm $23.54 Ea
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Cook up all your customers’ favorites with the Sunnex® Black Iron Pan 25cm.

This carbon steel fry pan is perfect for frying, sauteing, searing, scrambling, and more! Carbon steel is an excellent conductor of heat, making it a favorite for high temperature cooking.

Classic French Style

This French style pan features tall curved side walls that are designed for easy stirring and sliding food out for plating, while also helping to prevent steam from forming inside the pan.

Additionally, its wide, flat bottom offers an ample cooking area to increase efficiency and output.

Carbon steel conducts heat quickly and evenly

Once seasoned, this black iron fry pan distributes heat evenly for a fast, uniform cook. It’s ideal for any commercial kitchen!

Welded handle allows for a perfectly smooth interior

The durable, permanently welded handle allows for a perfectly smooth interior.

Hanging hole for easy storage

A convenient hanging hole at the end of the handle allows for easy storage in your kitchen.


Please note this frypan requires seasoning before use.




Black Iron

Top Diameter

250mm Dia



Overall Length




Induction Ready



Frying Pan




Please Note – Before You Buy Please Understand The Following

Black Iron Pan Care

  • Black Iron pans are protected by a clear, non-toxic oil which must be removed before use. To remove this layer, scrub the pan in hot soapy water and thoroughly hand dry.
  • The manufacturer recommends that after first use; wipe the pan clean with paper towels, ensuring that the pan is completely dry to avoid the possibility of any rust forming.
  • Black Iron, by its very nature, can go rusty. If rusting does start to occur, thoroughly scrub the pan to remove all of the rust and then re-season.
  • Wash these pans in hot water with a washing up detergent after each use (avoid using a harsh scourers, wire wool, or metal pads), hand dry immediately, and coat with oil. Please note that black iron pans are not suitable for dishwashers.
  • Store black iron pans with a seasoned coating to prevent rusting.

Black Iron Seasoning

  • Coat the internal surfaces with oil and heat the pan until the oil begins to smoke.
  • This will form a natural protective film; the continued use of this pan at high temperatures will only add to the layers and improve its non-stick properties.

A professional quality pan that only gets better with use. After seasoning the pan with heated oil, the pan will eventually become virtually non-stick.

  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Can Be Used In An Oven
  • Extra Strong Riveted Handle
  • Straight Handle
  • Can Be Used For Outdoor Cooking i.e. Barbeque, Camping etc
  • Very Functional Long Handles Help Lift The Pan With Kitchen Gloves / Tea Towel
  • Enable Precise Control Of Cooking Temperatures
  • Helps Keep Temperature Constant While Frying
  • Eyelet In Handle For Easy Hanging / Storage


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