Bar Condiment Dispenser

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KH Bar Condiment Dispenser Compartment designed for optimizing bartender and bar staff service.

Our Bar Condiment Dispenser all-in-one, garnish / condiment trays is the perfect organization and space saving solution for your bar.

The included containers are perfect for holding Maraschino cherries, cocktail onions, olives, and lemon slices at your bar.

Or you can fill them with fruits like apples, orange slices, and cut watermelon and use the plastic condiment holder at your buffet for quick self-service!

With this black bar caddy plastic you can store fresh condiments and garnishes really put the finishing touch on any drink or dish!

This multi condiment holder plastic is ideal for holding condiments at a bar, but can also be used to hold food in your kitchen prep area, buffet, or cafeteria for an easy self-serve option.

These commercial grade Condiment Bar Caddy Australia can sit on any standard mixing rail.

Above all this black container features a flip-top lid made of white, translucent plastic.

This allows the condiment caddy to stay partially visible when covered for quick reference.

When closed, the lid helps prevent cross-contamination and protects the food from air-borne contaminants.

The bar garnish caddy complete with removable inserts allow you to customize your dispenser.

Accommodate different garnish varieties and quantities to faster serve your customers with the bar top caddy black.

The removable plastic condiment container inserts also allows for easy cleaning and storage.

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