Bar Free Pourer

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Bar Free Pourer are commercial grade and are most popular in bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Firstly, this free pourer assists with consistent pour speed, accuracy and control is what has made them an essential bar tool. A favourite item for many Mixologists, Flair Bartending Competitors and Bartenders.

Liquor Pourers are an essential bar tool for every venue the serves liquor!

This minimises the waste and leakage which will save you money. Solves rusting, leaking and breaking issues as well as reducing over-pour through greater volume and flow control. The design offers, control, accuracy, and a consistent pour speed every time.

Secondly, with a slim, collar-less design, this pourer allows you to pour liquor, juices, and flavoring syrups with speed and accuracy. Helping to increase efficiency and reduced customer waiting time.

As a result its long, tapered jet ensures direct pouring, helping to avoid spillage and unwanted messes.

Add this pourer to bottles at your restaurant, bar, or lounge to ensure a superior customer experience.

Our bar equipment are proudly manufactured by (KH) Ken Hands. A trusted manufacturer and supplier to the Australian hospitality industry since 1980.

Above all, our quality bar ware items will not let you down! The KH range of bar-ware used in the Australian hospitality industry since the 1980’s. Ensure you choose KH next time you need bar ware!

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