• Stainless Steel Straight Sided Creamer

Sunnex® Straight Sided Creamer Stainless Steel

  • Classic / Traditional Shape
  • Metal Welded Handle
  • Mirror Finish
  • Perfect For Use At Any Diner, Restaurant, Café, Or Hotel


Code Name Price Unit Qty
CCRA085 Sunnex 85ml 3oz Creamer Straight Sided $4.00 Ea
CCRA142 Sunnex 142ml 5oz Creamer Straight Sided $4.50 Ea
CCRA285 Sunnex 285ml 10oz Creamer Straight Sided $5.50 Ea
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The Sunnex® Straight Sided Creamer Stainless Steel is a quality creamer and a hospitality industry favourite.

Stainless Steel creamer is used in the Australian hospitality industry in places like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pubs and similar places.

Generally used with milk. The commercial grade straight sided creamer features a metal welded handle.

Outfit your contemporary cafe or coffee shop with this Sunnex stainless steel creamer!

With its open top and subtle pour spout, it gives a classic look to any collection of stainless steel servingware!

Featuring a slim and sleek round shape with an open top, this creamer is an original way to serve cream.

Besides cream, it can also be used for serving small amounts of syrups, dressings, or sauces.

The classic traditional Steel Straight Sided Creamer meets the Australian food safety regulations.

The various capacity is great for controlling portions and eliminating waste that may be left behind if a larger size is used.

It also allows patrons to help themselves by using the creamer.

The Sunnex Creamer makes the perfect tabletop accessory for any food serving business.

Whether you use it for daily tabletop use, special occasions or self-serve coffee stations, the Sunnex stainless steel creamer adds character to any contemporary coffee service.

Cleaning the Creamer is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions.




Stainless Steel


CCRA085: 50mm DIA x 50mm H
80mm L (Including Handle)CCRA142: 60mm DIA x 56mm H
95mm L (Including Handle)CCRA285: 75mm DIA x 80mm H
110mm L (Including Handle)


CCRA085: 85ml / 3oz
CCRA142: 142ml / 5oz
CCRA285: 285ml / 10oz



  • Classic / Traditional Shape
  • Metal Welded Handle
  • Mirror Finish
  • Perfect For Use At Any Diner, Restaurant, Café, Or Hotel
  • Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions

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