Milk Frothing Jug / Pitcher

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Milk Frothing Jug / Pitcher

KH Milk Frothing Jug Stainless Steel features a mirror finish and timeless design. The KH Frothing Pitcher Jug Stainless Steel used in the Australian hospitality industry.

Use this frothing pitcher to add foam and milk to a hot drink, and you can even use it to create latte art atop your beverages to increase their perceived value.

By simply moving this frothing pitcher in various motions while pouring the foam, you can create a multitude of designs like hearts, leaves, or flowers.

Best of all, this pitcher also doubles as a way to serve cold milk or cream with coffee for tableside service.

Treat customers in your coffee shop or cafe to a creamy hot beverage with just the right amount of rich, smooth foam with the help of this milk frothing pitcher!

The KH Milk Frothing Jug Stainless Steel makes the perfect cafe barista for any commercial venue or home.

When using with your cappuccino or espresso machine, partially submerge the steam wand into this pitcher filled with cold milk to create your microfoam.

Then fully submerge the wand once the foam is added to finish bringing the milk up to its desired serving temperature.

The created foam will be perfect for finishing off a variety of delicious and profitable hot beverages!

Featuring a rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction with a sleek polished finish. This pitcher adds a professional look to your drink display.

The angled handle promotes an easy grip for complete control during use while the smooth-rimmed spout promotes accurate, precise pouring.

Cleaning the pot is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions. (Guide here)

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