• Classic Shot Glass 30ml

Sheffield® Classic Shot Glass 30ml

  • Ideal For Bars, Nightclubs, Taverns, Pubs and Events
  • Sturdy Base
  • Beaded Rim
  • Durable



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Need quality glass shot glasses? Nothing beats the timeless style of Sheffield® Classic Shot Glass 30ml.

Sheffield® Classic Shot Glass used in Australian hospitality industry at restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs .

Firstly, the commercial grade shot glass features a strong lime glass construction as a result the glass is very durable.

This Sheffield 30mL whiskey / shot glass is perfect for serving shots of whiskey or other popular spirits.

It’s also great for portioning out shots to pour into mixed drinks, so you can maximize your stock and never overpour.

Plus, since it’s from Sheffield, you know it’s designed with commercial use in mind, making it ideal for any busy sports bar, pub, or restaurant.

This glass features a standard, no-nonsense shot glass design that’s been proven to perform in commercial settings for years.

Compact and easy to store, this whiskey / shot glass is sure to reliably serve its purpose in your busy establishment, whether you’re using it to make larger mixed drinks or for serving whiskey shots directly to customers.

As a result the glass shot is a great tabletop choice of glass to serve patrons.

Secondly, serve your favorite shots in sophisticated style with our durable shot glasses.

The wide head makes pouring spirits a breeze.

The classic shot features a strong and sturdy base perfect for high traffic areas.

This Classic Shot Glass is approved to meet Australian serving regulations.

Most of all strong glass construction of Sheffield® Shot Glass allows patrons to enjoy shooters, cocktail shots and more.

The Sheffield® Classic Shot Glass 30ml makes the perfect shot glass for any commercial bar, tavern, pub or even at home.

Finally cleaning the shot glass is a breeze, either hand wash or place in any commercial dishwasher. (Cleaning Guide here)

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Height Of Glass

Top Diameter: 50mm
Bottom Diameter: 34mm
Height: 59mm





  • Ideal For Bars, Nightclubs, Taverns, Pubs and Events
  • Sturdy Base
  • Beaded Rim
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions

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