Empire Stemware Wineglass

Empire Stemware Wineglass

Look no further than our quality Empire Stemware Wineglass.

Designed for commercial hospitality environments and ideal for use in restaurants, receptions, buffets, clubs, pubs, hotels and more!

The commercial grade stemware comes with a plimsol line for accurate serving.

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Firstly, the Empire range weight and measured approved to meet Australian Alcohol Serving Regulations

Bring elegance and quiet sophistication to your table with the Empire wine glass with etched pour lines. It features an elongated bowl design that allows your guests to swirl their wine without fear of spillage, thus releasing the aromas and completing the overall experience of drinking a fine wine.

The wide base provides excellent stability despite the glass’s thin, graceful stem. Plus, for maximum convenience, this all purpose wine glass can be used for both red and white wines, so you’ll only have to stock one type of glass! Pouring the perfect portions is also a cinch with this glass thanks to its etched pour lines.

Secondly, the quality wine glass is well known due to it’s classic shape.

Sold in full carton quantity.

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Above all, the quality wine glass will not let you down!

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