Sheffield Conical Beer 285ml Extreme Bubbles

Need quality beer glasses? Nothing beats the timeless style of glasses from Sheffield® Conical Beer 285ml Extreme Bubbles.

Sheffield® Conical Beer 285ml Extreme Bubbles used in Australian hospitality industry at restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs .

Firstly, the commercial grade beer glasses features a strong lime glass construction as a result the glass is very durable.

Secondly, this Conical glass is weight and measure approve to meet Australian serving regulations.

Thirdly, the strong nucleated Conical glass allows patrons to enjoy beer, cider and soft drinks yet keep the bubble for longer.

The Sheffield® Conical Nucleated Beer Glass makes the perfect bar glass.

Ideal for any commercial bar, tavern, pub or even at home.

Finally cleaning the glass is easy, either hand wash or place in any commercial dishwasher. (Guide here)

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