Blue Gizmo® Thermometer Digital Folding Probe (PT12)

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The Lavatools range of Digital Probe Thermometer Thermowand is a Australian hospitality industry favourite.


Lavatools Digital Probe Thermometer Thermowand is popular in food establishments. Used in restaurants, kitchens and similar food serving locations.

Most importantly it keeps your food service efficient. Made to make the life of the chef or cook a little more easier.

Probe thermometers are great for reading temperatures in a wide range of settings, and with this single product you can get the benefits of accurate cooking.

A fold-out thermometer probe lets you take temperatures from foods that require a core temperature.

This model comes with a 70mm fold out probe for taking internal temperatures, which stays secured to the side of the unit and swivels out when it’s needed.

Secondly it has a temperature range from -40 °C to 250°Celsius.

This Lavatools thermometer is pocket sized and features and an auto-shutoff extends the battery life (powered by 1 CR2032 batteries, included).

In addition this Folding Probe Thermometer helps chefs and cooks meet Australian food safety regulations.

As a result the Lavatool Thermowand has a durable construction and is splash proof.

Above all, use it to achieve high precision food measurement.

Most of all cleaning the Lavatools Thermometer is easy. Simply probe wipe to clean.

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