Food Safe® Thermometer Bluetooth Logger Food Safe (FS800)

The FoodSafe range of themometers is a Australian hospitality industry favourite.

Bluetooth Foodsafe Thermometer is used in restaurants, kitchens and similar food serving locations.

Most importantly it keeps your food preparation service efficient. Made to make the life of the chef or cook a little more easier.

Food safety is the name of the game in the foodservice industry and whether you are checking a delivery of frozen sirloin steaks, or cooking and holding a pork roast, food-safe temperatures must be maintained.

The bluetooth thermometer assist you with your food safety program.

The Bluetooth ability allows you to wirelessly sync and upload data to your personal mobile device. This allows for easy use and better tracking.

The automatic shut-off feature is enabled to conserve battery power. You can also adjust how long the instrument should wait before shutting off.

Secondly it has a temperature range from -40°C To +250°Celsius

In addition this Bluetooth Foodsafe Thermometer helps chefs and cooks meet Australian food safety regulations.

As a result the Bluetooth Thermometer has a durable construction.

Above all, use it to achieve high precision measurement using it’s bluetooth / app function.

Most of all cleaning the Bluetooth Thermometer is easy. Simply hand wash to clean.