Ross Brown® Anti-Bacterial Thermometer Probe Wipes (200 Wipes Per Tube)

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The Ross Brown Thermometer Probe Wipes are an Australian hospitality industry favourite.

Ross Brown Thermometer Probe Wipes used in restaurants, kitchens and similar food serving locations.

Keep your serving service efficient and safe. Made to make the life of the chef a little more easier.

These Ross Brown® Disinfectant Probe Wipes feature a concentrated formula to help eliminate cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria in your commercial kitchen. It’s the perfect addition to restaurants and catering kitchens that deal with a variety of meats, both raw and cooked.

Simply swab the thermometer’s metal probe with one of these wipes, and you’re done!

In addition these probe wipes help meet Australian food safety regulations.

You can also implement it into HACCP plans to promote superior food safety.

As a result the Ross Brown Disinfectant Probe Wipes are soft but strong.

Effective against 99.9% of bacteria such as E.Coli, MRSA, Listeria And Salmonella.

The wipes come in a convenient, pop-up dispensing tub, allowing staff to simply pull one wipe out without touching the rest.

It’s also resealable to keep the wipes moist, ensuring they don’t dry out in hot and humid kitchen environments.

Use this one-step sanitizing solution to prevent food-related illnesses in your restaurant!

An ideal way of sanitizing and cleansing thermometers where liquid is impractical.

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