• KH Platform Scale

KH Platform Scales

  • Flat Platform
  • Perfect for delis, pastry shops, or markets
  • Alignment notch for precise zero reset
  • Requires no tools or loose parts


Code Name Price Unit Qty
SCA005 Scales Platform 5kg 20 Gram Graduation $46.00 Ea
SCA010 Scales Platform 10kg 50 Gram Graduation $46.00 Ea
SCA022 Scales Platform 22kg 100 Gram Graduation $46.00 Ea
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KH Platform Scale help quickly weigh a wide variety of ingredient, vital to your signature recipes.

Perfect for delis, pastry shops, or markets, this scale is an indispensable addition to any kitchen with limited counter space.

Controlling the size of the portions you serve can make a major difference in your yearly profits. So purchasing a portion scale will help you save your hard-earned money.

This scale helps your staff provide your customers with the perfect serving size.

This allows you to weigh anything from herbs and spices to nuts and candies.

A rotating dial design gives you added versatility over fixed dial scales.

Incorporating a simple tare system that lets you deduct the container weight or quickly zero out the weight when measuring multiple ingredients.

The KH Platform Scale simple design makes this mechanical scale easy to use.

The extra large platform, internal housing, and spring mechanisms are all made of stainless steel to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Coated in chip-resistant enamel for further protection and unmatched durability.

This scale doesn’t need electricity, or even batteries, it can be easily moved and used anywhere, and you’ll have the peace of mind that it will work when you need it.


KH Classik Chef



Flat Platform: Stainless Steel
Body: Metal

Weight Load Capacity

SCA005 – 5kg (20 Gram Graduation)
SCA010 – 10kg (50 Gram Graduation)
SCA022 – 20kg (50 Gram Graduation)


SCA005 – 20 Gram Graduation
SCA010 – 50 Gram Graduation
SCA022 – 50 Gram Graduation

  • Flat Platform
  • Adjustable
  • Wipe Clean Recommended (DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER!)

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