• Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

KH Ice Cream Spring Scoop Stainless Steel

  • Spring-loaded handle that scoops then releases
  • Only Suitable For Right Handed Use
  • Handwash Recommended


Code Name Price Unit Qty
ICE008 Ice Cream Scoop No 8 S/S 70mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE010 Ice Cream Scoop No 10 S/S 66mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE012 Ice Cream Scoop No 12 S/S 63mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE014 Ice Cream Scoop No 14 S/S 59mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE016 Ice Cream Scoop No 16 S/S 56mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE020 Ice Cream Scoop No 20 S/S 53mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE024 Ice Cream Scoop No 24 S/S 50mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE030 Ice Cream Scoop No 30 S/S 48mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE040 Ice Cream Scoop No 40 S/S 44mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE060 Ice Cream Scoop No 60 S/S 37mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE070 Ice Cream Scoop No 70 S/S 35mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
ICE100 Ice Cream Scoop No100 S/S 31mm Diameter $13.20 Ea
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Tried our KH Ice Cream Spring Scoop?

Whether you’re serving ice cream, sorbet or gelato. This sturdy tool by Ken Hands allows you to scoop out your treat in neat rounds.

Its also useful for forming uniform balls of cookie dough.

Scoop portions of chicken salad, cookie batter, yogurt, and other soft foods with this KH Spring Scooper.

Perfect for use in a high volume environment, this disher is constructed of stainless steel with all metal parts for durability and clean ability.

Not all ice cream scoops are created equal. So choose a brand name with a reputation for making a quality product!

The KH (Ken Hands) brand has been manufacturing hospitality supplies since 1981. Offering a design that takes the hard work out of scooping.

KH Stainless Steel Ice Cream Spring Scoop is a must-have tool that’s built to last and also enables easier scooping.

All KH ice cream scoops are designed to roll ice cream with minimum compression, which means that the product is not compacted into a hard ball.

Strong stainless steel ice cream scoop to help tackle even the toughest of ice cream, making this ideal for use in a restaurant, at home or an ice cream parlor.

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18 / 8 Stainless Steel

Scoop Diameter







ICE008 (#8): 70mm DIA
ICE010 (#10): 66mm DIA
ICE012 (#12): 63mm DIA
ICE014 (#14): 59mm DIA
ICE016 (#16): 56mm DIA
ICE020 (#20): 53mm DIA
ICE024 (#24): 50mm DIA
ICE030 (#30): 48mm DIA
ICE040 (#40: 44mm DIA
ICE060 (#60): 37mm DIA
ICE070 (#70): 35mm DIA
ICE100 (#100): 31mm DIA

  • Spring-loaded handle that scoops then releases
  • Only Suitable For Right Handed Use
  • Handwash Recommended

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