Butchers Hook 5″ 12cm Stainless Steel

  • Suited For Butchers, Bakeries, Restaurants, Delis, Cafes and Kitchens
  • One Sided Pointed Tipped
  • Hang meat in a cold room and kitchen utensils


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45222 Butchers Hook 5" 12cm Stainless Steel $2.42 Ea
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The KH Butchers Hook Stainless Steel is a quality style cutlery and a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Butchers Hook Stainless Steel used in the Australian hospitality industry in places like Butchers, Bakeries, Restaurants, Delis, Cafes and Kitchens

Firstly, the commercial grade butcher hook features a strong stainless steel construction.

Smoke large quantities of meat at a time with this heavy duty roasting hook!

This roasting hook made of stainless steel for outstanding durability, and its heavy duty design makes it ideal for larger loads.

You can be sure this hook will hold your valuable meats without tearing them.

Ensure your meat and carcasses are stored in sanitary conditions with this KH meat hook.

Secondly, this food safe butcher hook meets Australian food safety regulations.

The well-weighted hook designed keeping patrons safety in mind by having one sharp end and one flat end. When not in use store the hook easily in a drawer.

The KH Butchers Hook SS makes the perfect kitchenware item for any commercial restaurant.

Cleaning the Butchers Hooks is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions.

The stainless steel construction also makes the hook easy-to-clean.

Helping you keep it hygienic and safe for use. Immensely strong and reliable, the hook is perfect for holding organic, halal and free range meats in any butchers shop.


Stainless Steel




  • Suited For Butchers, Bakeries, Restaurants, Delis, Cafes and Kitchens
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • One Sided Pointed Tipped Makes Them Suitable For A Wider Range Of Applications
  • You can use them for hanging meat in a cold room, kitchen utensils or anything at all
  • Suitable For Use In Interior And Exterior Application
  • Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions

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