Food Thermometers

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Food Grade Thermometers

We stock a great range of Food Grade Blue Gizmo Thermometers. Designed for commercial food cooking environments.

All our cooking thermometers have different features and various applications.

Cooking foods at the right temperature for the right time is one of the primary pillars of food safety, and a thermometer is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you always hit that core temperature.

Firstly, our range of food thermometers assist in meeting Australian food safety regulations. We stock a great range including food thermometer laser, food thermometers non contact , food thermometer probe, thermometers for refrigerators, food thermometer infrared, thermometers for grills and food thermometers bluetooth.

Features including instant read thermometers, auto off, min / max, timer thermometers, food thermometers with alarm, calibratable thermomemeters.

Secondly, our thermometers are proudly manufactured by global supplier Blue Gizmo. We also sell a range of thermometer probe wipes by Ross Brown.

Above all, the food safe digital thermometers ensure accuracy in the cooking environment. From perfectly cooked meats, to perfectly measured oils and fridge temperatures.

Lastly, our affordable and cost-effective range improve the efficiency of your kitchen. Ensuring food products are safe to serve your guests in any environment.

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