• Aluminium Saucepan

KH Aluminium Saucepan And Lid

Please Note Lid Sold Separately

  • Suitable For Gas, Electric And Open Fire Cooking
  • Professional Quality Heavy Gauge Aluminium.
  • Hanging Handle
  • Strong Riveted Handle
  • Brush Finish


Code Name Price Unit Qty
ALSAU15 Aluminium Saucepan 1.5lt $18.48 Ea
ALSAU15-C Cover For Aluminium Saucepan 1.5lt $4.62 Ea

Out of stock

ALSAU25 Aluminium Saucepan 2.5lt $24.26 Ea
ALSAU25-C Cover For Aluminium Saucepan 2.5lt $5.54 Ea
ALSAU35 Aluminium Saucepan 3.5lt $28.88 Ea
ALSAU35-C Cover For Aluminium Saucepan 3.5lt $6.47 Ea
ALSAU45 Aluminium Saucepan 4.5lt $31.18 Ea
ALSAU45-C Cover For Aluminium Saucepan 4.5lt $7.39 Ea
ALSAU55 Aluminium Saucepan 5.5lt $34.65 Ea
ALSAU55-C Cover For Aluminium Saucepan 5.5lt $8.32 Ea

Out of stock

ALSAU70 Aluminium Saucepan 7.0lt $38.11 Ea
ALSAU70-C Cover For Aluminium Saucepan 7.0lt $9.24 Ea
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The KH Aluminium Saucepan And Lid is a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Aluminium Saucepan And Lid used in the Australian hospitality industry.

In places like restaurants, kitchens, outdoor events and similar locations.

This saucepan is perfect for creating and reducing soups and sauces.

Thanks to a wide base and high walls, this versatile pot can cook nearly anything inside.

Firstly, the commercial grade saucepan made of professional quality heavy gauge aluminium.

Secondly, the cover will also help reduce food splatter to keep your work area cleaner.

Ensuring that the food you’re making ends up on your customer’s plate and not your stove top.

Measuring 4mm thick, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance through washing, storage, and constant heating.

In addition, made with commercial grade aluminum, this saucepan offers superior thermal conductivity.

A convenient handle allows you to easily remove your cooked vegetables or pasta for straining. The handle also includes a loop for hanging storage capabilities.

Strong riveted handles aid in transportation throughout your kitchen or dining space.

Most importantly it’s suitable for gas, electric and open fire cooking.

Thirdly, this food safe saucepan meets Australian food safety standards.

The strong saucepan designed for multiple continuous use.

Above all, cleaning the KH saucepan is easy.

Lastly, to preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.

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Brand Ken Hands
Material Aluminium
Material Thickness 2.5mm



ALSAU15 – 1.5lt
ALSAU25 – 2.5lt
ALSAU35 – 3.5lt
ALSAU45 – 4.5lt
ALSAU55 – 5.5lt
ALSAU70 – 5.5lt


Handle Type Riveted
Dishwasher Safe Yes


Please Note Lid Sold Seperately

  • Suitable For Gas, Electric And Open Fire Cooking
  • Not Suitable For Induction Cooking
  • Professional Quality Heavy Gauge Aluminium.
  • Hanging Handle
  • Classic Commercial Design
  • Strong Riveted Handle Offers Grip And Stability For Easy And Safe Lifting
  • Brush Finish
  • Dishwasher Safe But May Cause Discolouration, Handwash Recommended

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